Ghost Sighting At Good Life Festival Confirmed By Organisers

Holy shit you guys. Try not to freak out, but Good Life festival may be legitimately haunted. We’re not even kidding. Somebody get Ghostbusters on the phone, stat.

The internet is absolutely losing its mind over a picture snapped at the Brisbane leg of the under-agers event, which appears to show the ghostly image of a small girl holding a teddy bear.

And before you call bullshit, the organisers have launched an investigation into its legitimacy and confirmed that YES IT COULD REALLY BE A GOD DAMN GHOST.

Here’s the original photo, which promoters shared on Facebook:

Notice anything out of the ordinary?

Well a lot of fans did, resulting in mass across-the-board pants-crappings.


Take a closer look (thanks to Facebooker Nick Ricci):



BRB, need to change underwear.

Naturally, once the so-called Good Life Ghost came to light, everyone started losing their shit, prompting organisers to attempt to get to the bottom WTF was even going on.

They did, and have since released an official statement confirming that, yes, paranormal activity exists and we’re probably all doomed:

Their statement naturally triggered a huge response across social media, with one punter named Michael Gitsham backing it up with his own first-hand knowledge of the urban legend.

“I know the story well from being in the RNA,” he wrote. “The ghost who haunts the sheds was rumoured to be the daughter of Mr McConnel; the presidents daughter of the RNA. Lucy Jane McConnel. In 1908, when watching the fireworks display at the end of the Royal Exhibition on the final night; she stood to get a better view with her teddy in her hand, then a gust of wind caused her to loose her step. She fell to her death down the roof. She was just 8 years old…”

He continued: “To this day, she haunts the sheds, playing tricks on those who enter at night, a little girls voices can be heard playing and climbing the roof retaking her steps towards her death. I was told about this from one of the past board members who was head of the stewards at show.”

Others’ reactions were slightly more “internet”:





Whereas others expressed a desire to high-five the Good Life marketing department for an ingenious supernatural troll:



But I think we all know there’s only two experts who can truly get to the bottom of this groovy mystery:


*A black Chevy Impala pulls up outside RNA Showgrounds*


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