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Gladys Berejiklian Maintains View Of Pill Testing Following Death At Strawberry Fields

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has maintained her view on pill testing, despite yet another drug-related death at Strawberry Fields over the weekend.

ICYMI, a 24 year old man was brought to the medical tent of Strawberry Fields festival in Victoria, after reportedly ingesting cocaine, MDMA and GHB.

The NSW Premier was questioned about whether she’d change her stance following the death, but she is remaining firmly against the procedure of pill testing.

“What might be OK for one person taking a tablet could be lethal for another person. Let’s not pretend that pill testing would have saved these lives,” she said, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

“Pill testing will not solve the problem that ecstasy kills,” she continued. “I cannot say that in stronger words”

A reporter had allegedly accused Berejiklian of not showing leadership on the matter, to which she didn’t take very kindly.

“What questions would you be asking me if we allowed pill testing, and over summer 10 people died after someone told them there was no impurities in their pill?”

“We’d be having a very different conversation. And for every person whose life might be saved by pill testing, if that were the case, there could be 10 others that succumb because they’re given a false sense of security.”

Berejiklian’s stance follows a bunch of scientists, experts and a NSW commissioner officially recommending that the state government implements it.

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