Go to The Future Music Festival For Free-zies?

Keen on attending this years’ SOLD OUT electronica celebration, Future Music Festival for FREE-ZIES?

If you are a N*E*R*D that wants to move we at music feeds are putting you on Red Alert with 2 free tickets up for grabs to the quickest little bunny in the warren.

Get in your delorian and get ready to zoom away with N*E*R*D, Basement Jaxx, CSS, Paul Oakenfold, Grandmaster Flash, and so many other mover’n’groovers you’ll be getting your shake on in a jiffy.

If you can tell us the animal that is featured on N*E*R*D’s latest album, then you just might be the lucky bitch to win. Just shoot your answer to [email protected] and all your wildest dreams will come true in a supernova of sound.

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