Good Morning, Here Is Lil Pump Freaking Out After Getting Bitten By A Snake

Lil Pump has had a less than Gucci encounter with a snake while on set filming for an upcoming music video.

In a clip posted to Instagram, Pump is seen being handed the aforementioned reptile by a handler, which then strikes at the rapper’s hand as he goes to grab it, prompting him to toss the snake and leap off the stairs he was sitting on.

Pump can then be seen showing his bloodied hand to the camera, exclaiming “Yo, I just got bit by a snake,” which I suppose is a fairly reasonable reaction to having just had a reptile take a snap at you.

The snake can then be seen attempting to take a bite of another member of Pump’s crew.

The rapper captioned the video “I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE. WTF. I CANT FUCK W NO SNAKES. I HOPE I DON’T DIE.”

The video prompted a slew of comments on Pump’s Instagram from his 18 million odd followers – including Justin Bieber, who weighed in with the insight “Bro can’t f**k with snakes.”

Do be like that. Perhaps this will serve as a warning not to have live animals be a part of your music video? Who knows.

Watch the rapper’s serpent mishap below. Lil Pump released second album Harverd Dropout in February of this year.


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