Good Vibrations Festival Won’t Happen Until December 2012

Justin Hemmes has told inthemix the next Good Vibrations will not happen in February but instead will run at the start of festival season in December.

Hemmes Said: It’ll be December, December next year… December temperatures are warmer and it’s just a better time for us. It was just getting flooded around that time [February]. It was a tough year last year. It’s a very competitive market. There’s one hundred and one festivals on and there’s a lot of choice. Prices were very high for acts. There was a bidding war going on for acts which pushes the prices up. Prices are inflated, demand is down. And I probably didn’t pick the market as well as I should have… you’ve gotta have one bad year to keep you honest.”

”I don’t know about the rest of the world but I know that we have more festivals here per capita than anywhere else in the world. There are definitely too many. And with that much choice punters are last minute buying which means that festival promoters don’t have any certainty at all; with any business you need some sort of certainty to take the risk. They’re big risks and they’re big challenges. It’s just a flooded market – supply and demand: economics class one.

Ticket Sales for the last Good Vibrations Festival were so bad that Hemmes was forced to offer tickets at a 2 for 1 rate for the Sydney show and even allowed anyone who had a ticket to the Perth show to bring a friend.

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