Gotye Working On New Album, Dedicated To Electronic Music Pioneers

Gotye is reportedly hard at work a new album, the follow up to 2011 hugely successful Making Mirrors, said to be taking shape as a concept album dedicated to electronic music pioneers.

Speaking recently to Double J, it was Gotye’s mate Lior who lifted the lid on the gestating work, regaling the presenters with his tale of meeting up with the artist overseas.

“He’s living in New York now and he’s currently working on a concept album – which sort of follows the line of this track,” Lior told the radio listeners while introducing State Of The Art – a song from Gotye’s Making Mirrors that’s dedicated to the vintage Cotillion organ, before adding the following:

“[He’s] looking at electronic music and pioneers of electronic music and dedicating a song to some of those pioneers. And stylistically [‘State Of The Art’] was cited as being [closest] to the style of the music that he’s working on at the moment.”

This is the first news about new music in a long time from the Somebody That You Used To Know singer, who has spent a lot of time lately with his band The Basics whose latest album The Age Of Entitlement just hit the shelves.

The Basics will be heading out on an all-encompassing tour off the back of the release, this October.

Check out our gallery from Gotye’s performance at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre in 2012, below.

Gallery: Gotye @ The Entertainment Centre, Sydney, 14/12/2012 / Photos: Josh Milch

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