Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Is Teasing A New Musical Project

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is up to something that isn’t Green Day.

He’s just started teasing the crap out of a new musical project on Instagram dubbed ‘The Longshot’ via a series of cryptic video posts.

So far, alls we know is that it’s a four piece and they’re about to drop a new album titled Love Is For Losers.

No word on who else is in BJ’s new non-Green Day band but you can feel free to try and make a positive ID based on this artist rendering:

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TBH they all look about as stumped as we are.

From the band’s artwork and album title though we’re guessing this project is going to be old school punk AF — we’re getting a definite Ramones/Sex Pistolsy vibe from the visuals.

Billie Joe also linked one of his Insta posts to the official Longshot account, which is currently set to private. But its bio reads: “New album ‘Love is for Losers’ coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner.”

It comes after the punk rock ledgehammer issued something of a called to arms for “young rock n rollers” at the end of last year, urging them to “Be brave. Be tough. Spit your anger. Piss people off. Don’t be normal. Don’t be trendy. Be loud. Live out loud. Cuss . Swear. Be offensive. Tell the truth. YOUR truth. Fuck authority. Spray paint the walls with your song titles. Be dirty. Smash glass. Make a statement. Don’t be a wimp. Don’t be a follower. Unhinged.”

“We need more young rebel heroes with loud guitars,” he said.

Maybe he’s trying to follow some of his own advice with this sudden ~awakening~ of The Longshot?

Cop a squiz of BJ’s posts below, as we wait to find out more about this mysterious new musical endeavour….

And ICYMI: Green Day’s much-frothed American Idiot musical is still doing the rounds down under, returning to Brisbane this April before ending its season up in Darwin in May.

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