Green Day’s Mike Dirnt Suggests Australians Vote For C-3PO

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has jokingly endorsed the Stars Wars universe’s golden boy C-3PO for Prime Minister in the 2013 Australian federal election. In an interview, Dirnt suggested that undecided voters fill in the name of “their favourite Star Wars character” on the ballot paper.

The famously satirical Green Day aren’t strangers to the political arena, having been highly critical of George W. Bush in the early 00’s. The band has now set its sights on this Saturday’s election, with Dirnt, who is presently handling the band’s press ahead of their Soundwave appearance, offering a few suggestions for Australian voters, saying “Right now you’re probably voting for the lesser of two evils, or more. It all sounds like American problems…which is kinda fucked. Maybe [you] need to use the force.”

Dirnt, a devoted fan of the iconic space opera and who once told a Christian website that he based “all my religious beliefs on Star Wars,” told the interviewer “I would be into marking [the ballot paper with] your favourite Star Wars character. Even if it’s not a good guy.”

The Green Day bassist followed up his statement by suggesting that robot C-3PO would make a good PM, saying “You know he’s pretty diplomatic, he speaks 600 languages, he doesn’t like violence, he’s got the look, he’s all gold and shit, y’know?”

Dirnt even displayed some knowledge of Auspol trivia, referring to the media’s recent mania over federal Liberal candidate Fiona Scott, who suggested that money going towards border policy would be better spent on state infrastructure. Dirnt remarked, “She got laughed out, didn’t she?”

Green Day will be heading Down Under in February for Soundwave Festival 2014, headlining the festival along with Avenged Sevenfold.

(Via Sydney Morning Herald)

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