Grey Ghost Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Elixir’ Video Clip

The creative sandstorm that is Jeremedy, a.k.a. Jeremy Koren, has not skipped a beat since the break-up of his former band, beat experimentalists The Melodics. The genre defying musician, designer and videographer has forged ahead with a new solo project, Grey Ghost, whose early releases have introduced a new hook-driven, organic sound.

One part dance, one part rock, one part hip hop, Grey Ghost is a creative cocktail unleashed. Our first taste of the Victorian musical maelstrom came in the form of the single, Space Ambassador, a tune that features every ounce of Jeremedy’s cosmic energy, and next up for Grey Ghost is brand-new single The Elixir, scheduled for release Friday, 21st June.

Grey Ghost has teamed up with Julieaah Koren to write and direct a video clip for The Elixir at the stately Highton Manor in Mansfield Victoria. As a taste of what’s to come, Music Feeds had an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the shoot, with some amazing photography courtesy of Michelle Grace Hunder.

Koren is no spring chicken when it comes to directing, having put together clips for Seth Sentry and Xavier Rudd to name a few. The multi-talented musician commented that the video for The Elixir was in part a continuation of some of the concepts he had previously filmed:

“The clips for Seth (Float Away & Dear Science) & the clip for Mantra (Loudmouth) all had a really comedic style, referencing Woody Allen, Falty Towers & general cold British humour. The Elixir feels like the next in that series…

“This is the first narrative based/light hearted clip I’ve made for myself & I think it’ll be good for my crew to see this side of me. I’m a pretty silly person at heart so I think it was important for me to step out from the shadows a bit.”

Check out the pics below, as well as a cheeky snap of a sketch for The Elixir release cover art – don’t forget to pick up the single on 21st June!

Gallery: Grey Ghost The Elixir Video Clip Behind The Scenes

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