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Grimes Defends Relationship With Elon Musk After Being Harassed On Twitter

Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) has defended her relationship with entrepreneur Elon Musk, after being harassed on Twitter.

Boucher, who recently said she plans to officially change her name to c (after Musk pointed out that her current nickname “actually rox”), was questioned about her relationship with the Tesla and SpaceX mastermind, as well as why she used the words “anti-imperialist” in her Twitter bio.

“Why do you call yourself ‘anti-imperialist’ while dating one of the biggest and most prominent capitalists out there?” one Twitter user wrote.

“I can respect a capitalist when they throw the phuck down on creating cheaper safer public transit, taking humans 2 space, movin the world into clean energy, fightin for ubi etc. Humans w differing views on economics often hang out,” Boucher replied.

In a further series of tweets, Boucher said she respects her fans’ commitment to social justice.

“We all gotta work to make the world better,” she said.

“I’ll stay on my game too. Don’t wanna answer more questions cuz who i’m dating is irrelevant to my music lol, speaking of gotta get back 2 work.”

Boucher has since removed “anti-imperialist” from her Twitter bio, and said she will also be deleting some of her tweets because “this is way too nuanced of a convo to have over twitter”.

“In any case love and respect to all,” she said.

“Plz try to see me as a human being an[d] not just an extension of another person.”

Boucher also told fans she’s continuing to work on new music, which she’ll be releasing under her Grimes moniker.

“I have so much fire for y’all,” she said. “One of the greatest mixers of all time is coming out of retirement just to mix one of the tracks so i know u will like it.”

Read some of her tweets, below.

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