Grimes Wants Her Next Album To Be “Slow And Gorgeous”

Grimes‘ 2015 record Art Angels was an energetic, manic and genre-defying record so it may come as a surprise to some that she’s planning a calmer follow-up.

While it doesn’t sound like the follow-up is coming soon, she’s told V Magazine that her next record is probably going to be a lot slower than Art Angels.

“I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe,” she said.

“I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy. I’m so ADD in my work; I really want to push myself into something that would be slower and more reflective.”

It may sounds like it’s a vibe she’s feeling at the moment that she may get over but she said a similar thing much earlier in the year which suggests she’s committed to make something that’s more chilled-out.

“More chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit,” she said when talking about new music she was making back in April.

She’s still not totally done with Art Angels yet though. Despite dropping four new videos for songs from the record last month, she’s announced that there’s one more coming for her collaboration with Janelle Monae Venus Fly.

Watch: Grimes – ‘Butterfly’

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