Grinspoon on Living End Restrospective Tour: “Fuck That Idea”

Grinspoon have weighed in on fellow Aussie rock figures The Living End and their super ambitious Retrospective tour. During an interview with Radar Radio, the Grinners’ boys have not minced words about their thoughts on the prospect of doing a similar thing themselves.

“Fuck that idea,” frontman Phil Jamison said when asked if Grinspoon would consider doing a ‘6 shows in 6 nights’ style tour, continuing, “It’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, I don’t even like songs off my first album”.

The premise of The Living End’s Retrospective tour was to perform each album in its entirety for 6 nights in one state. Despite acknowledging how much the fans would love it, Grinners’ lead guitarist Pat Davern added, “I don’t think we could do it, I don’t think any of us could hold up. I’m surprised they’re doing it, I’m surprised Chris [Cheney] is going to put his voice through that for 6 nights in a row. I reckon that’s a real tough gig. Obviously the fans are going to love it and it’s a good thing for them to do but man, that’s a tough gig.”

Phil interjected with his very own ‘flash bomb’ suggesting that The Living End will be breaking up. “He’s going to go solo. This is the last time we see the Living End. This is our hot tip. This is why they’re doing it all because they’re never playing The Living End songs again. It’s over. Chris is going to be like Angus Stone.”

While the break-up hot tip might not be true, the band are privy to the inner workings of The Living End given that Cheney worked with the boys on a handful of tracks off their latest album, Bad Habits.

The Living End have denied that the massive tour is indicative of a forthcoming split. I guess time will tell.

Check out the interview below. Worthy of the lol’s.

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