Grounded Teen Uses Petition To Convince His Mum To Let Him Attend Triple J Gig

It’s a tale as old as time — convincing your mum to unground you so that you can go to a concert by launching an online petition and getting triple j‘s help to make your dream a reality.

And that’s exactly what just happened to 15-year-old Nathan Gunn, who used a petition to convince his mum to let him attend triple j‘s Live At The Steps concert tonight, after he was grounded for having a “big night” and falling asleep on someone’s driveway.

“Unfortunately I have made a v bad decision which has led to me being grounded,” Nathan wrote in the petition to his mother Louise yesterday.

“I’m no longer allowed to go to Live At The Steps to see Skegss n Dunies n be with all my mates. I would very much appreciate if u all sign this to try convince mumma Louise to let me go!!!”

This morning, triple j‘s Ben and Liam called Louise to ask her if the petition — which has almost 850 signatures at the time of writing — was enough to let her set her boy free for the night.

Louise admitted the petition was “a little bit funny”, but demanded an on-air apology from Nathan, which he immediately agreed to.

“I was a bit of an idiot,” he said. “I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. It wasn’t my smartest move, and I love you a lot.”

Nathan also agreed to do all his homework, and got the thumbs up from mum to attend the all-ages concert.

Live At The Steps will take place at Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens tonight, Friday, 17th November, so keep an eye out for Nathan and his mates.

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