Grouplove Putting The Finishing Touches On New Album

Grouplove are hard at work on their second album after drummer Ryan Rabin revealed the news to American radio station KROQ with an unexpected phone call.

DIY reports that the call was instigated after Rabin’s mother heard one of the band’s songs being played on the station. After telling her son the good news, he felt like phoning in to give listeners a bit of info on the band’s latest developments.

Rabin told the station that they are likely to be releasing the follow-up to their 2011 debut Never Trust a Happy Song just before the start of the North American summer – around April or May.

“We’re up in the Hollywood Hills right now doing the next album, working on a new song right now and will probably finish up the instrument tracking later tonight,” Rabin said.

“I think we’re probably going to release something before summer, like April/May/June time depending on when it gets mixed and all that kind of stuff.”

“We’ll probably do exactly what we did last time, which was plan to release it in the summer and then just get pushed back to the fall.”

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