Grunwald Teams Up With Spiderbait’s Kram For New Rock Project

Australian roots artist Ash Grunwald is planning on a collaboration with frontman Kram from New South Wales rockers Spiderbait for a new side project called Krash.

Thirty-four-year-old Grunwald revealed in an interview with Undercover that the two of them, neighbours up in Byron Bay, will embark on Krash soon. The two have appeared on stage together, most notably in March at Melbourne’s CherryRock festival, and of course at Byron’s own Bluesfest.

Grunwald said, “He jumped up with me at Bluesfest and that was really really cool.

“Basically, [it will be] very loose, very creative. We’ve had a few jams.”

Grunwald added that Krash will be significantly more rock-focused that his own bluesy outings, confirming that Krash would involved “lots of getting fucked up”.

However, it seems Grunwald’s work has rubbed off on the Spiderbait singer, with Kram now wishing to pursue a folky direction, apparently the last thing Grunwald wants.

Grunwald said, “I’m like ‘What? No! No! I was enjoying going on that rock tangent!’ So I’m trying to steer him back and he’s trying to steer away from rock a little bit. I want it to be arse-kicking. Some of the stuff that we’ve mucked around with is really powerful. I would be tempted to do ten tracks like that; maybe do a couple of quiet ones.”

The love-in continues, with Grunwald saying “He’s an amazing singer too. Just makes things up on the spot.”

The progress of Krash seems tempered by the fact Kram’s commitment to Spiderbait and their record label.

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