Guess What Desiigner Is Saying In A Strangely Addictive New Game

You’ve probably spent the last few months trying to work out what US rapper Desiigner is saying in his track Panda, apart from the word “panda”, and now there’s a game to test how well you’re doing.

His gravely tone makes it difficult to make out what he’s saying so some internet genius has decided to turn it into a game which plays a soundbite and then makes us guess.

There’s plenty of lines from Panda in there as well as ones from tracks off his debut mixtape New English and his new cut Timmy Turner.

You’re given three lives before it’s game over so there are plenty of chances but it’s actually quite hard to make your way through the game. It’s unsurprising though, given that it’s pretty difficult to guess lyrics like, “Twistin’ dope, lean, and the Fanta”.

It might not sound totally enthralling on paper but give it one play and we guarantee you’ll be chomping through the hours of your day before you know it.

Play the game here, and listen to Panda below for a bit of game prep.

Watch: Desiigner – Panda

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