Guitar String Manufacturer Ernie Ball Have Begun Making Face Masks To Fight Coronavirus

Guitar string company Ernie Ball have announced they’re swapping out a portion of their workforce to produce face masks to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The manufacturers have configured a part of their Coachella Valley factory line to make 400 two-ply cotton masks per day, planning to donate them to local community organisations and residents in the area.

“We’re in this together. That’s why we’re dedicating our accessories and strap manufacturing departments to producing masks to help fight the spread of COVID-19,” wrote the company on Facebook.

“The Coachella Valley is our home and we want to help both local charities and residents. Masks will initially be donated to local organizations. In the near future, Coachella Valley residents will be able to sign up online and have a free mask delivered to their home. More details to come. Stay healthy and stay safe!”[0]=68.ARASdS6O4rK2SEUADClEysC_r6rfFqhq6bszYP4q7DxP3LHa5syNhlE1PShzs20g1KsyciUuFlpXeFakbdxzm9PTmaK1kTFCPpvtljRDH0dIC5TqABTH7J2pHEPzcCW-XCJCiMwVe5G0dv03bkbHYHWp_Mn71p7K-HPpRnPNR6lV8YyT_K5LTUZQ47L0TiXO5l11TkpF2esyOc-Hz9I0SzaKGwJhCkb1tVcVuaktyOA6SlL-iXmYPuya7ZppQKOmnkK9j9ZxwaE9UQS02FZQvd0K7aHjmRQ_OTMi229qa21FGs_tsBsr3bPeQ2qJgFi8BqlkAnBc8XeM-yPVow&__tn__=-R

Linda Barrack, CEO of Martha’s Village and Kitchen – one of the largest providers of homelessness services in the Coachella Valey area and one of the first to receive masks as part of the program – called the company’s contribution an “amazing, potentially life-saving donation.”

“[It] fulfills a very important need for both our frontline staff and more than 120 homeless residents, of which over half are families with children, that otherwise cannot afford masks,” said Barrack.

“We have over 60 employees that are working very hard to keep up with the rising level of services from the community during this pandemic and this will help to continue to ensure their safety.”

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