Guns N’ Roses Get Pelted With Money And Glasses At Last Show Of UK Tour

Guns N’ Roses almost stormed off stage at their show at London’s O2 Arena on Friday night after fans pelted them with money and empty pint glasses.

According to NME, bass player Tommy Stinson told the crowd: “If you throw any fucking thing on stage, we’ll go home”.

Frontman Axl Rose added that Stinson was “laying down the law” upon returning from one of his many backstage visits to an oxygen tent.  As previously reported, Axl has regularly ducked backstage for oxygen during shows on the European tour, while his rent-a-band pile out guitar solos.

The outburst came after the Gunners began their second O2 Arena show 50 minutes late, meaning their 33-song set didn’t finish until around 2am. Venue staff made extra transport available to compensate for the predicted late finish; however, a large number of fans left the venue around midnight – two hours before the band finished up.

Along with the notoriously late start times, the band have been embroiled in controversy on the tour after their management banned anybody wearing a T-shirt of former guitarist Slash into venues, unless they removed their item of clothing.

One punter told NME that he was forced to watch their first London show bare-chested under his jacket after security forced him to remove his Slash shirt. He also stated that he and his brother only got to see three songs, as the band were one-and-a-half hours late on stage, and they had to leave to catch a train home. Read the full story – and check out the setlist the band have been playing here.

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