Guns N’ Roses Guitarist On New Album “There’s A Lot Of Stuff Recorded”

With their massive Las Vegas residency slowly creeping up, it’s looking like gigging isn’t the only thing happening for the Guns N’ Roses camp. The group’s current guitarist DJ Ashba has declared, for better or for worse, that the next Gunners’ album is starting to take shape right this very moment.

It’s ironic that the only person in the world intent on further damaging the reputation of the once grandiose rock outfit is the one who started it. But hate the idea, or dig it, Axl Rose apparently “has tons of stuff done [and] recorded that he’s played for me and wants my input on,” Ashba told Rolling Stone. He added that “Axl’s put together such a talented group of musicians and there are so many songs that are already worked out. So we’ve got a good jump on it, for sure.”

The release, which has had a question mark over its head since 2008, will follow up the band’s latest abortion of an album Chinese Democracy. News of the album has come just before the band is set to begin their 12-date residency at Las Vegas’s Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel. And now fans run the risk that if Axl actually shows up, he’ll throw a wet blanket on the whole thing by only performing his new material.

Of the residency, the axe man added that it will be “the first time we’re all gonna be in the same place for a month solid and that will be, and already has been, our main focus,” he said. “So I think we’re gonna get a lot done…There’s a lot of stuff recorded and I think it’s just a matter of sitting down and working together as a band, putting together what we feel is gonna be the next best Guns N’ Roses record.”

“And I can’t wait; I’m so excited to dive even deeper into that.”

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