Guns N’ Roses’ Tour Bus Breaks Down On The Way To Coachella

Guns N’ Roses may have had a bit of a close call getting to Coachella on time after their tour bus broke down on a Californian highway, just hours before their headlining set was due to begin.

As TMZ reports, the vehicle was en route to pick up the semi-reformed original Gunners members in Indio and take them to the festival, but was forced to pull over for emergency repairs on the Interstate 10.

According to the gossip site, the GNf’nR mobile “sat gimpily for three hours” but was soon on its way again following a whirlwind fix-er-up.

The bus was then filmed arriving at Coachella at around 9.15 this morning AEST, with about 6 hours to spare before GN’R were set to hit the stage.

Which means Axl has no excuses if he ends up going on late.

The iconic frontman recently broke his foot but still vowed to play all of Gunners’ scheduled dates, and took the stage at the band’s first official reunion show in Vegas astride Dave Grohl’s old rock n’ roll throne from the Foo Fighter’s own broken leg days.

Meanwhile, even though Guns N’ Roses headlining set is sadly not being featured as part of the festival’s official webcast this weekend, you can catch other big name acts performing live at Coachella right now via the stream here.

Or else watch some (only vaguely irritating footage from TMZ) of Gunners’ bus breaking down on the interstate, before arriving at Coachella, below.

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