Guy Sebastian Defends Presence At PM’s Press Conference

Guy Sebastian has taken to Twitter to defend his presence at the Prime Minster’s press conference yesterday. The press conference was held to announce the government’s new JobMaker plan — a $250 million relief package for the arts sector.

Guy Sebastian joined Mark Vincent in representing the industry during talks with the government, along with other industry bodies.

Following the press conference, Sebastian’s name trended on Twitter. Many users called him out for attending the conference — as many in the industry had said the package and plan falls short of what they actually need.

Sebastian has since defended himself via a series of tweets.

He says, “Last week I was asked to join a panel of industry leaders to give our Prime Minister and his team some insight into how this pandemic has affected our industry. I asked my band and crew for their perspective, I shared their reality and mine with the PM.

“My heart is with my fellow musicians, crew, truckies, venue staff etc who are all seriously suffering right now. I stood there with one of my musos to show gratitude for their quick response.

“I don’t have any input into where the money goes, and of course there is always going to be a question of whether it is enough, however, the purpose of me being there was to be a voice for the people directly affected in my world.

“This wasn’t about political alignment or anything of the sort and of course I wasn’t paid to be there, I just know there’s a lot of people suffering so my hope is that it gets to the people who need it the most.”

He also issued a statement to NCA Newswire, saying, “I am a musician, not a politician.”

“My attendance today at the press conference was to provide perspective of the deep-seated economic hardship that has crippled the entertainment industry due to the COVID pandemic,” Sebastian said.

“The whole industry from tech crew to musicians and all those that consult to the entertainment community are in serious need of stimulus. The objective of my involvement today is to support my colleagues and industry at large.”

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