Guy Sebastian Recounts Having A Gun Held To His Head By Police In Los Angeles

Guy Sebastian has spoken about an incident he had with police in Los Angeles while the singer was living in the States, in which an officer held a gun to his head. Sebastian discussed the incident on iHeartRadio last week.

Sebastian says that while living in LA, his car was illegally towed, and he reported it to the police as stolen. He managed to find the vehicle with the help of a witness and called the police to let them know. While on hold, he went to a nearby carwash.

“I’m sitting in this car wash, washing this car, and all these police converge on me with guns drawn,” Sebastian recounted. “To them, I’m driving a stolen car.”

After attempting to explain the situation, Sebastian says he was told to “shut up” and get on the ground, to which he complied. Nevertheless, the singer says an officer put a knee to his back and aimed a gun at him.

“He actually had a gun pressed into my forehead,” he said. “It was full-on. I could feel the metal of this gun and there was so many of them.”

Eventually, officers realised Sebastian lawfully owned the vehicle and the situation was diffused. “They deal with extremely heavy-handed members of the public and criminals,” Sebastian commented. “It’s not like [in Australia]. Everyone’s got a gun.”

Last week, Sebastian made headlines when former manager Titus Day was arrested after allegedly defrauding Sebastian of over $1 million, over a period of seven years between December 2013 and April 2020.

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