GWAR Have Done An Unexpected Cover Of Maroon 5’s ‘Harder To Breathe’

It’s never easy to predict what GWAR are going to do next and that’s why it’s probably unsurprising that they have taken another sharp left turn and covered Maroon 5.

GWAR were on Howard Stern’s US radio station and they covered Maroon 5’s debut song ‘Harder To Breathe’ for a Halloween wrap-up show.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine had previously been on the show promoting thier forthcoming album Red Pill Blues but it’s likely he wasn’t nearly as entertaining as GWAR.

The US band have just released their fourteenth album The Blood Of Gods which unsurprisingly sounds worlds away from anything Maroon 5 have ever done.

Just last week it was revealed that GWAR guitarist Michael Derks was battling bone cancer and looking for a marrow donor. He called on people to join an international registry of donors, “willing to save a strangers life.” You can join that registry here.

Hear the band’s Maroon 5 cover below.

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