Harts Says 2018 Is The “Last Year” Of The Project

Harts has dropped a bombshell on-stage at Bluesfest in Byron Bay signalling that the end may be near for the project.

As Tonedeaf point out, Darren Hart made a bold claim during his Saturday night set at Bluesfest about the future of Harts, the name he’s been releasing music under since 2012.

“This is the last year for Harts,” he reportedly said without adding any more information.

It’s a move that fans probably didn’t see coming given that he’s had a consistent output of music over the last few years. Earlier this year he dropped his new single 21&19 and he told Lunchbox that he’s planning on dropping two albums this year.

It’s unknown whether he’s planning to leave music behind altogether or just continue under a new name. Let’s hope that it’s the latter.

Harts played two sets at Bluesfest this weekend as part of a lineup that also included Lionel Richie, Seal and Tash Sultana.

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