Harvest Festival 2012 Sydney: Timetables + Transport Information

Well it is finally here. All true music lovers will today make the pilgrimage out West to the beautiful Parramatta Park to catch a glimpse Sigur Ros, Beck, Santigold, The War On Drugs and stacks more musical identities.

Unfortunately after sustaining an illness, Beirut have been forced to cancel the remainder of their Australian shows. As a result of this, amendments have been made to the festivals timetable, Dark Dark Dark will play their usual set time of 12:30 pm on The Big Red Tractor stage and then, filling the space left by Cake now playing the mainstage (4:30 – 5:30pm). Thankfully, Music Feeds have put together the essential information to ensure that you get to Harvest and enjoy it to its full potential.

How do I get to the festival?

Getting to a festival can be one of the hardest aspects of the day, and seeing as Harvest is only in its second year, it will seem unfamiliar to many. All you need to do is get on the next train to Parramatta Station and follow this map to get to Parramatta Park.

How do I get home?

What’s worse than getting to the festival is getting home. With Sydney public transport at one of its worst points in its consistently poor history, many of you may experience a little bit of difficulty getting home. However, we have provided a table of train times to ensure that your journey is as quick as possible

What are the new set times, and where are the stages?

Possibly the most important aspect of the day, after Beirut stood down from festival duties, changes had to be made to fill their spot and ensure that the day flowed smoothly.

(Click for larger image)

* 4:30 – 5:30pm on the Windmill Stage will be filled by Dark Dark Dark.

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With the festival kicking off in a matter of hours, the sun has finally come through for the likes of AJ Maddah, who may have been somewhat worried about the consistent rain over the past few days. Only in its second year, Harvest Festival looks sure to be remembered as one of the better displays of musical and artistic talent this year. So be sure to step away from the music for a bit of today, and loose yourself within Bootleg Alley or The Secret Garden and embrace what the festival is truly about. Stay tuned to Music Feeds for your daily updates about the festival, and what is happening behind that wall of trees.

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