Hatebreed Slam CNN For ‘White Power Band’ Comments

It’s fine if someone doesn’t like, or understand metal. It really is an acquired taste. Though when you’re not a fan, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of labelling it. CNN writer Lonnie Nasatir has found out first hand the consequnces of talking about something you know nothing about after receiving a massive backlash for including Hatebreed in a list of white supremacist bands.

Fans of Hatebreed were first on the scene after the opinion piece ‘Hate With A Beat – White Power Music’, berating the article as absolute crap. It wasn’t long before the band themselves caught wind of the inappropriate label and took to Twitter to retaliate, labeling CNN as hacks.

The article, attempting to prove insight into the white power music scene, was written after the recent terrible Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin. Gunmamn Wade Page, who murdered six people before killing himself after being shot and wounded by a police officer, was featured in a handful of white power metal bands, so of course that must mean that every metal band is a white power band.

Though their name was removed from the list following overwhelming response from fans, the Grammy award-nominated Hatebreed are still awaiting an apology, which seems fair enough given the serious repercussions such an association could have on their brand.

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