Hayley Williams Reckons You Should Watch The “Badass” New PVRIS Video

If you’ve heard of PVRIS, then congratulations friend, you have excellent taste in music.

And if you’ve never heard of PVRIS, then it’s probably because you get all your knowledge about modern music from Aussie radio and Aussie radio don’t play no PVRIS.

But that’s OK, because we’re here to enlighten you. PVRIS (pronounced “Paris” bee-tee-dubs) is a shit-hot heavy rock band from the US whose music is powered by dancefloor grooves and earworm pop hooks, and they’re fronted by a kickass guitar-slinging frontwoman named Lynn Gunn.

They toured Australia last year supporting Circa Survive at a number of modest-sized venues, which was awfully nice of them, because over in the US they’re used to headlining packed out fucking arenas. During one show on their recent Aussie tour, they were joined onstage by Tonight Alive frontwoman Jenna McDougall for a rendition of their chart-smashing single My House, which was also really awesome.

And now, the rock sisterhood solidarity has continued, with Paramore frontchick Hayley Williams heaping praise on PVRIS’s newest music video, You And I.

The single will appear on the forthcoming deluxe reissue of the band’s 2014 debut album White Noise, and its awe-inspiring video is a black & white visual masterpiece of shadows, water and mud.

“You’re an absolute badass,” Hayley Williams tweeted directly to Lynn Gunn following the video’s premiere overnight, “and your band sounds better than ever. Love the new video.”

The two frontwomen reportedly met each other for the first time at the Alt Press Music Awards (APMAs) late last year.

“I won’t lie, I’m a very big Paramore fan,” Gunn told AP shortly after. “And I met Hayley and she said some very nice things and we had a nice little talk. That was definitely the highlight.”

Williams added: “It was really cool to see Lynn Gunn. I love that [PVRIS are] killing Warped Tour right now. I’m watching from afar a little bit. It’s nice that there’s another girl that sings really strongly over guitars, and it’s really translating from [the] stage well. I was—oh my God, I almost said I was ‘gunning’ for her, and then I realized her last name is Gunn. That was so cheesy!”

See if you agree with the pop-punk queen’s assessment of PVRIS’s new music video, below.

And if it’s not quite heavy enough for you, then you can always check out some of their other killer singles like My House, Fire and White Noise.

Watch: PVRIS – You And I

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