Hayley Williams Surprise-Drops ‘FLOWERS For VASES / Descansos’

In extremely on brand, Hayley Williams news, she has surprise-dropped a new album today. She did give us a quick heads up a few hours out from its release, at around 5am AEST.

The queen of pop punk, and now indie alternative, released FLOWERS For VASES / Descansos. It’s a 14-track album that she says should be listened to as a precursor to Petals for Armor, if anything.

“This isn’t really a follow-up to Petals For Armor. If anything, it’s a prequel or some sort of detour between parts one and two of Petals,” she posted on her Instagram story.

“I had written a long and poetic press release but man, after 16 years of being in the music business, 6 albums, and a lot of ‘strategies’ for how to ‘roll-out’ a project the right way,” she writes. “Writing more words in an attempt to describe better words I’ve written for the album at hand just seemed so boring and silly.”

“I wrote and performed this album in its entirety. That’s a career first for me. I recorded it at my home in Nashville, the home at which I’ve resided since Paramore released After Laughter. 2020 was really hard but I’m alive and so my job is to keep living and help others to do the same. Yes, Paramore is still a band.”

Listen to Hayley Williams’ FLOWERS For VASES / Descansos below.

Hayley Williams ‘FLOWERS For VASES / Descansos’ Artwork

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