Hear A Bizarre 1964 Rice Crispy Jingle, Written And Performed By The Rolling Stones

Original founder and member of The Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, was apparently a big morning person.

Or so we must assume, considering that he wrote a song all about the joys of breakfast cereal back in 1964. The joys of Kellogg’s Rice Crispies, to be exact.

Sadly it was only aired in the UK, but this quirky, bluesy, hard rockin’ jingle played by the Stones is pretty signature of their early sound.

And it’s also a hoot. The lyrics wholeheartedly declare some bad ass lovin’ for the crunchy crackly joy that is a bowl of rice crispies in the AM.

“Get up in the morning with a snap around your face, wake up in the morning  theres a crackle in your face.”

Snap Crackle Pop! Breakfast cereal has never been so god damn rock’n’roll.

Check it out.

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