Hear Previously Unreleased 1994 Savage Garden Demo, ‘She’

Show us someone who’s never liked Savage Garden and we’ll show you someone who’s been living a lie since the mid nineties. It’s been 20 years since the once earth-conquering Aussie pop duo first formed, and to celebrate the milestone, they’re releasing a new compilation album, Savage Garden: The Singles, which will feature a previously unheard demo, entitled She (below).

Diehard Savage Gardeners will want to keep the kleenex handy when they listen to this one for the first time. The 1994 piano ballad, which showcases frontman Darren Hayes’ vocal tone at its eardrum-caressing finest, will hit you square in the feels like a cannonball of nostalgia.

“It’s a long time ago, but my recollection is I was writing about the relationship that I have, and continue to have, with the women in my life,” Hayes said of the recording. “From my Sister to my Mother and all the friends and the wonderful female relationships in my life. I know I’m indebted to these incredibly strong women who loved me and taught me what it was like to be strong and succeed in a world where you sometimes feel underestimated.”

His former partner in musical crime, Daniel Johns, who plays piano on the track, added: “From memory I think we just sat down and literally wrote it together in my parents’ house in Brisbane. I remember my mother really liked the track – the innocence and raw beauty of it. It’s very pro-female song so I think a lot of girls will relate to how powerful it is for them. I think that was probably the biggest reason why my Mum really took to this particular song”.

For some reason, the song never made it onto the pair’s multi-platinum selling debut self-titled album, but it will be featured on the 20th Anniversary compilation, alongside all of the duo’s singles, including chart scorchers I Want You, To The Moon And Back, Truly Madly Deeply and Affirmation.

The disc will also include a bonus DVD of Australian and international music video releases. It’s set to go on sale alongside re-releases of the band’s two monster LPs, Savage Garden and Affirmation, which will additionally feature deluxe edition bonus discs of previously unavailable live performances and rare remixes of key songs.

Savage Garden: The Singles will hit shelves on Friday, 12th June. Check out the full album tracklisting below.

Savage Garden’s recordings are to be re-released in Australia on June 12 via a new partnership with Universal Music. Deluxe Editions of both albums, ‘Savage Garden’ and ‘Affirmation’ will be available in stores on that date along with a new compilation called ‘Savage Garden: The Singles’.While the masters of the recordings were being transferred to Universal a previously unreleased 1994 demo of a piano ballad called ‘She’ was found and, with the band member’s approval, ‘SHE (1994 demo)’ will be made available as a bonus track on ‘The Singles’ compilation and can be heard below. This is not a single, but a rarity Darren and Daniel felt fans of the band would appreciate.’Savage Garden: The Singles’ also includes a bonus disc of music videos including previously hard to find Australian versions never before made commercially available. The Deluxe Editions of ‘Savage Garden’ and ‘Affirmation’ each feature bonus audio tracks of rarities and mixes from the era.All 3 albums are now available for physical pre-order here For Australian fans, ‘Savage Garden: The Singles’ is available for pre-order on iTunes here international fans the Savage Garden catalogue remains with its international distributor and further plans will be announced as they come to hand.Visit for more info and sign up to the mailing list by clicking to make sure you receive updates on the releases. Although the band have no plans to reform, both Darren and Daniel remain grateful to audiences who have supported their music and these releases hope to honor 20 years of memories.

Posted by Savage Garden on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Savage Garden: The Singles Tracklist


I Want You

To The Moon and Back

Truly Madly Deeply

Break Me Shake Me


All Around Me

Santa Monica

Tears of Pearls

The Animal Song

I Knew I Loved You

Crash and Burn


Chained to You

Hold Me

The Best Thing

(1994 Demo)


I Want You (Australian version)

I Want You (International version)

To The Moon & Back (Australian version)

To The Moon & Back (International version)

Truly Madly Deeply (Australian version)

Truly Madly Deeply (International version)

Break Me Shake Me (Australian version)

Break Me Shake Me (International version)

Universe (International version)

Santa Monica (International version)

Tears of Pearls (International version)

The Animal Song (International version)

I Knew I Loved You (International version)

Crash and Burn (International version)

Affirmation (International version)

Chained to You (International version)

Hold Me (International version)

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