Hear Unreleased Nirvana Songs, From A 1993 Recording Session

A mini-album’s worth of unreleased Nirvana songs, including one song apparently performed solely by drummer Dave Grohl, have reportedly been thrown online for mass consumption. In an ultimate Robin Hood move, the tracks were uploaded by the new owner, who successfully bid for the reel at auction.

Titled The Pachyderm Sessions, the recordings reportedly date back to the grunge glory days of 1993 – 13th February to be exact. Featuring seven tracks, which by ARIA’s standards is a actually a full-length album, Pachyderm is a mix of instrumental and non-instrumental including alternative versions of Marigold and Dumb which featured on In Utero which was released in September of that year.

The real talking points, however, are the unreleased tracks on the reel. These include a nearly-4-minute, most likely pissy-take instrumental Lullaby, which sounds like it was written for a Sci-Fi soundtrack. Another instrumental, simply billed as Dave Solo, is a head spinningly rapid 1:52 minutes of power. Informed by AC/DC-esque, kinda Sabbath-thing featuring glimpses into what would become The Fooies, one can’t help but imagine how this one went down with Kurt

The tracks appeared deep within the channels of an Nirvana forum and were obtained officially by Alternative Press. Check out some of the tracks below.

LISTEN: Nirvana – Dave Solo (Unreleased)

LISTEN: Nirvana – Lullaby – (Unreleased)


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