Hear Wolfmother’s Hard Riffin’ 70’s-Style New Song, ‘Gypsy Caravan’

Wolfmother have just unleashed another hunk of psychedelic, 70’s-inspired hard rock off their forthcoming studio album Victorious.

Like Andrew Stockdale & pals’s earlier work, the tune – which has the similarly psychedelic, 70’s-inspired name of Gypsy Caravan – is kind of like Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath.

Or, for those of you who don’t listen to any music prior to 2005, it’s kind of like Tame Impala but with more balls.

Or for those of you who are already fans of Wolfmother, it’s kind of like Wolfmother.

The fuzzy, riff-driven jam is the second track to slip off the band’s forthcoming fourth LP, and showcases Stockdale’s voice in full Ozzy Osbourne mode.

And on that note, Wolfmother should totally support Black Sabbath on their upcoming Australian farewell tour.

Victorious will reach our ears on February 19th.

Check out the disc’s latest track, Gypsy Caravan, below.

Listen: Wolfmother – Gypsy Caravan


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