Hellions Want To Play At YOUR House!

Sydney hardcore crew Hellions, who rose from the ashes of metal outfit The Bride, have just released their debut album Die Young, and after all the love it’s received the band and their label UNFD have decided to deliver some love back to their hometown fans – directly to their doorstep, in fact.

Rather than booking the same old venues on the same old tour run, they’re offering to set up shop at your gaff – with your permission, of course – where they’ll play and film a full set before they hang up their gear, maybe hang around for a cheeky brew or 10, then trundle off to do it all again somewhere else.

The best part about all this? It’s FREE! And you can invite as many, or as few, people as you like. It’s your house, after all.

Three fans in Sydney only will score a Hellions live show in the comfort of their own home on Sunday, 20th October, and all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] explaining why they should play at your place.

If you happen to live in a location with a dope backyard, a massive garage, or maybe a perfectly flat and even driveway to set up a kit, check out the below video and message from the band for all the deets on how to enter.

Watch: A Message From Hellions

“Our hometown has given us a lot over the years. We’ve been lucky enough to play some of the most amazing shows of our lives, right here in our own backyard, so it’s time to repay (some of) that goodwill.

How? With a series of free shows, that’s how. There’s a catch though…

Fancy a Hellions house party? Then send an email to [email protected] explaining why we should play at your place (Sydney residents only we’re afraid).

The best 3 – yes, 3 – entries, will score a Hellions live show in the comfort of yours’ (or your parents’) homes on Sunday October 20th.

No strings attached, no VIP meet and greet packages, no money changing hands (fuck that), we’re just going to bust in, play a set, hang out and then move onto the next one.

A camera crew will be on hand to document the whole thing, so make sure it’s cool to have them rolling.”


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