Here’s How Much Money Adele Stands To Make On Her Aussie Tour

It might not be going down until March next year, but already the buzz surrounding Adele’s first-ever Australian tour is reaching fever pitch, with the songbird of our generation shifting an estimated 600,000 tickets in Sydney alone.

Now, Fairfax Media has crunched the numbers to work out just how much Adele stands to make from her upcoming Aussie jaunt.

And surprise surprise, it’s a f*ck tonne. It’s being reported that a cool $35 million in profit is set to go to the singer, with prospective promoters suspected to have offered between $1-$2 million ~per show~ as a guarantee before she launched with Live Nation.

Then come the ticket sales. Once enough units have been shifted, which may have already happened given her Sydney ticket sales alone, Adele will be entitled to a percentage of each ticket sold.

Now, here’s where the math gets dubious. Fairfax Media claim Adele stands to pocket $26 million in sales from just the two Sydney shows on the basis that the average ticket price is $437, but prices range from around $100 to $800 a ticket.

The $26 million total would also require all profits from each ticket to go to Adele. Also, considering scalpers are making $5k per ticket, many of them will be able to retire after this tour.

But then there’s merch. While Adele’s merch is typically low-key, it still manages to sell like crazy, which is pretty understandable. It’s rumoured the tour will score a cheeky $10 million from just flipping threads.

So, while the numbers aren’t all put on display for us, Fairfax Media puts a respectable $35 million figure on it. But considering Adele is our version of the Intergalactic Opera singing Alien goddess from The Firth Element, that seems completely fair.

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