Here’s Why Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Have Any Plans To Tour Australia

As far as our exports go, few have had such a quick rise to international stardom as rapper Iggy Azalea. Despite things slowing down for her right now, you’d be hard pressed to deny that ‘Fancy’ was easily the biggest song of 2014.

Now, with things starting to look up for her once again, Azalea has announced a US tour but has let a fan know via Instagram exactly why she won’t return to her home country for a tour – at least not right now.

Instagram user @courtney_lee_rose asked ‘When is Australia getting a tour[?]’ to which Iggy responded, saying that it’s a hard country to profit from.

“I’m not sure, it’s a hard one to profit from honestly,” she said.

“It’s far, and would have to be a part of a bigger group of shows in Asia etc. so that’s why I’ve never been able to make it work in the past although I’d love to do it. Hopefully one day!”

Despite her success, the Mullumbimby-raised Iggy has only ever played one headline show in Australia – a one off club-show in 2013. She apparently had plans to tour in August of 2015, but they never eventuated either.

Read Iggy’s full statement below.


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