Here’s When ‘What Would Diplo Do?’ Starring James Van Der Beek Is Premiering

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that VICELAND would be working on a Diplo parody series What Would Diplo Do? and now it seems it’s finished and ready to air.

The six-part series, starring James Van Der Beek, will premiere on 3rd August and VICELAND have dropped a new clip from the series to get you amped.

This whole mad idea started when Van Der Beek played Diplo in a Mad Decent Block Party advert. The satirical look at Diplo’s life went down so well that they decided to do something bigger with it.

“I had that day free, I did a quick rewrite and found that it came easily. It was fun and that was it, I never thought it would lead to a series,” Van Der Beek said about the original video.

About the show he says, it, “doesn’t take itself too serious but it’s not cynical.”

It’s been executive produced by Diplo himself as well as Van Der Beek.

You can watch a clip which has fake Diplo talking about fame below.

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