Here’s How Metallica’s New Album Stacks Up Against ‘Master Of Puppets’

Metallica are eyeing the release of their 10th studio album this year but they have this week looked back on their 1986 record Master Of Puppets as it’s been inducted into the US Library Of Congress, the official library for the US Congress.

Lars Ulrich spoke with the Library of Congress saying he was “thrilled and humbled” by the way people took to the record although he admitted, “I’m not sure I can sit down and listen to it though and not yell, “Will someone turn the reverb down!”.”

Master Of Puppets turned 30 this year and while they have been talking heavily about the record, they have also been recording a new one.

Ulrich compared the two albums saying that when they recorded Master, they were “infatuated with the overdubbing opportunities and with all that we could do in studio.”

By comparison, the new album will be a much rawer affair.

“The record we are now working on is more about capturing a mood, making it sound raw and not overproduced,” he said.

“But it was a different vibe then and we were comfortable with it. And we were excited about multi-tracks and all the gadgets.”

Before this, they compared the record to the previous one Death Magnetic saying that it was “less frenetic”. Greg Fidelman is back on board as engineer so they’re using similar “production elements” although it will be a more “diverse” album.

So there you go. Metallica’s tenth album will be rawer than Master and more diverse than Death Magnetic. If you can imagine what that’s like, you’ve basically already heard the new album.

Watch: Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Live)

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