Here’s That Footage Of Madonna Sucking The Life Out Of Drake At Coachella

Hopefully you’ve finished your dinner/are planning on never eating again, because here’s that footage of Madonna playing tonsil hockey with Drake at Coachella last night.

A surprise appearance, in ultimately more ways than one, Madonna took to the mainstage of the California desert festival during Drake’s closing Sunday set to perform her tracks Human Nature and Hung Up and, oh yeah, attempt to steal Drake’s very soul via his mouth.

At least we now know how she has maintained her “youth” for so many decades: devouring the spirits of younger men.

This sudden mouth attack isn’t the first inkling we’ve had that Madge and Drake are keen as on each other, with Drizzy’s most recent mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late featuring a track titled Madonna. So, really we’ve only got ourselves to blame for not seeing this coming.

The veritable LOLpit that it is, the internet has responded in its usual voracious manner, check out some of the best online reactions below.

Watch: Madonna Pashes Drake @ Coachella 2015

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