Here’s What Some Of Your Fave Artists Dressed Up As For Halloween

When you’re a celebrity, you don’t spend your time digging through $2 shops for your Halloween get-up. You basically pour a bunch of cash into completely making yourself over which, in turn, grabs you some major likes on Instagram.

This year, musicians spared no expense when it came to their Halloween costumes, going all out to turn themselves from one celebrity into, well, another. And boy, did they deliver.

While you were getting round in a sheet as a ghost, Katy Perry donned facial prosthetics to become Hillary Clinton with her male sidekick going as the Presidential candidate’s husband, Bill Clinton.

She may have nailed the complete makeover costume, but there were some other very impressive ones. Beyoncé‘s Salt from ’90s duo Salt-N-Pepa was great, and Drake‘s impression of his own lawyer ‘2 Dollar Steve’ was impressive, kind of looking exactly like what we envision Drake to look like as an older man.

The Aussie musos also pulled out the goods, with Peking Duk posing as the NYPD and In Heats Wake making up the Aussie cricket team. We’ve also gotta hand it to our own presenter Harry Fuller, who dressed as a scarily believable Julia Jacklin.

Muse get the best effort award though, not only coming up with costumes but also dropping a whole new track and video, New Kind Of Kick, which is a cover of The Cramps.

Check out all the Halloween celeb action, below.

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Julia Jacklin’s Halloween Video:

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