Here’s What’s Happening To All Of Your Legion Festival Pledges

UPDATE 02/11/16: Legion Festival 2017 has been cancelled.

ORIGINAL STORY: Punters who pledged money to the crowdfunding campaign set up by the organisers of Legion Festival will be happy to know that they won’t be parting with a cent.

And it won’t stop the festival from going ahead, either.

After this week confirming that the heavy metal extravaganza was fully funded and locked in for 2017 (despite falling well short of its ambitious $3.27 million crowdfunding target), organisers have received numerous emails from fans who are a little confused by how the whole thing has gone down.

Founder John Sankey previously confirmed that Legion’s Pozible campaign – and the support it received – is what made it possible for the festival to secure the private funding it needed to go ahead in 2017, and organisers have now issued a further statement to clear up any remaining confusion.

Not only will punters “not be charged for the amount that you pledged as a part of the campaign”, but their show of support will also be rewarded.

“Given that you were the ones that supported us from the start, and made it possible for us to raise the funds that we needed through other means and move ahead with this festival, we will absolutely be looking after you in 2017 and all future years of Legion Music Fest as founding members,” Legion’s statement reads.

“We will be sending you an email shortly that includes instructions on how to claim your founding member rewards and how to secure your ticket.”

“All members will receive information about pre-sale opportunities but, as founding members, you will be receiving your own pre-sale allocation and a heap of other goodies.”

Other punters are also being encouraged to sign up for free via the official Legion website for access to all the latest festival info and updates as they happen.

As for you founding members, you can expect to receive an email shortly that includes instructions on how to claim your founding member rewards and how to secure your ticket to Legion 2017.

With headline acts and more artists still to be announced, the lineup so far included bands such as Lordi, Devil Driver, Frontline Assembly, Devil You Know, and more.

Early bird tickets are available for members now.

Check out all the dates for the festival below, alongside Music Feeds’ exclusive interview with founder John Sankey.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast: John Sankey Legion Festival Boss

Legion Festival 2017 Lineup (so far)

Lordi (FIN)

Capture the Crown (AUS)

Polaris (AUS)

Heard Of Cows? (AUS)

DevilDriver (USA)

Front Line Assembly (CANADA)

Aversions Crown (AUS)

Devil You Know (USA)

Darkest Hour (USA)

Battlecross (USA)

Caligula’s Horse (AUS)

Darkc3ll (AUS)

Rick Dangerous And The Silkie Bantams (AUS)

Dream on Dreamer (AUS)

28 Days (AUS)

My Secret Circus (AUS) *Mel only

Horrorwood Mannequins (AUS) *Syd only

MofoIsDead (AUS) *Bris only

Legion Festival 2017

Saturday 21st January

Perth (Mini fest)

Sunday 22nd January

Adelaide (Mini fest)

Thursday 26th January


Saturday 28th January


Sunday 29th January


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