High Tension Address Gross, Intolerable Mosh Pit Behaviour, Announce Call-To-Arms For Metal Fans


How many times must we go over it? Keep your hands to yourself.

As ground rule. But also especially when your in a mosh pit, surrounded by people minding their own business and exercising sovereignty over their own body and actions. It seems that some people just can’t get their heads around this and High Tension have had more than enough.

Taking to Facebook on behalf of the band, vocalist Karina Utomo detailed a situation that unfolded while the band supported Deafheaven at their Vivid Opera House show.

“A member of the audience was groped by another member of the audience during High Tension’s set. We are appalled that this gross behaviour still continues at shows. This behaviour will never, ever be tolerated.”

The band don’t go into specifics in the post, but continue to unleashed a scathing and 100% accurate take down of sleazy behaviour against women at shows. They do mention that the alleged offender was booted from the show, but that just left the band wishing they could have done more.

“This gross behaviour oppresses not only the persons being violated but also oppresses other metal fans. How are we meant to feel safe and respected when attending shows when we are constantly fearful of putting ourselves at risk of being violated? By continuing oppression of others you are stunting the growth of the metal community, you are breeding fear and affirming the bad experiences of other metal fans that are more vulnerable.

“Do you ever wonder as to why the attendance of women and members of the LGBTIA community at metal shows is almost always a mere percentage? Even though a love for metal / aggressive music is NOT exclusive to men?

“Every person deserves to enjoy the show from the barrier, from the pit or from any area of the venue. The pit is not an area to be opportunistic or an open invitation to violate.

How are we meant to achieve progress when a number of individuals do not understand this very basic common decency? Still?

After thanking the violated metal fan for speaking out, Utomo concluded that it’s “clear that it is a bigger conversation that we should all have”. To get the conversation stared, High Tension will be will be “inviting fans of metal / aggressive music specifically to share their experiences and offer their ideas / insights.”

The band will be detailing plans to make shows safer for fans in the near future and will need your input to do so.


Read the post in full below.

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