Hilarious Instagram Account Exists With Sole Purpose Of Photoshopping Smiles On Dead-Serious DJs

Some people out there want nothing more than to make the world a better place, to create virtual safe spaces where folks from all walks of life can go if they’re feeling a bit blue, and wrap themselves up in a soul-warming blanket sewn out of 100% pure LOLs.

I’m talking about the earth-angels responsible for such heartwarming cyber-hubs as Drawing Dicks On The Daily Telegraph, Bunnings Memes, that Emo Twitter account someone made for new Star Wars bad boy Kylo Ren and, of course, Shannon Noll’s personal Facebook page.

Here is another such place: an Instagram account with the sole purpose of turning super-serious DJ’s frowns upside-down.

As Inthemix points out, Happy DJs has been photoshopping smiles on the morose mugs of some serious house and techno selectors like Skrillex, Disclosure and more in one nonstop comedy banger.

Catch some of their before-and-afters in the gallery below.

Gallery: Happy DJs

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