Holy Holy Share New Song ‘Darwinism’, Give Update On Second Album

Aussie rock duo Holy Holy have debuted a new song Darwinism and talked a little bit about their forthcoming second record.

Before you get too excited, they’re not done with the album just yet, but the pair dropped into triple j with the new track and gave a quick update on album number two.

Darwinism is the first taste of the new record and also the first new material we’ve heard from the band since their 2015 debut When The Storms Would Come.

The duo is only three songs into the follow-up but they’ve already got a pretty good idea of the sonic direction they’re heading it and it looks like there will be more synths.

“Sonically, I had been an acoustic songwriter before and some of that was still hanging around in the first record but I think we’re moving away from that more in this record,” frontman Tim Carroll told triple j‘s Veronica and Lewis.

“There maybe drum machines but we’re still in the process of recording parts of the album. We’ve got three songs done including ‘Darwinism’ and experimenting more with synthesisers,” added bandmate Oscar Dawson.

They have been working on the record with producer Matt Redlich who has also done things with Emma Louise, Ball Park Music and Ainslie Wills.

They don’t have any collaborations lined-up for the record yet but Wills and Husky are two names on their list.

As for Darwinism, Carroll said the song was directly inspired by his experiences in Darwin when the band played Darwin Festival on their last album tour.

“It was really interesting and exciting and we walked into this amazing bar and there was a full swing band, a 20-piece swing band, just pumping and people dancing and we had a really great night that night,” he said.

“The next day the band were all sleeping in the hotel and I was keen to play so I locked myself in the bathroom and was jamming and wrote this little riff and saved it on my phone as ‘Darwin Idea’, and we kind of developed it more and more with the band and Oscar wrote a horn section and a piano section and stuff but the story of the song as well is kind of about evolution of a relationship so we kind of ended up sticking with that title.”

No word on when to expect the new album yet but you can get stuck into Darwinism below.

Listen: Holy Holy – Darwinism

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