Hoodoo Gurus Are Taking Aim At Trump On New Single

Heroes of Aussie rock, Hoodoo Gurus are giving it to Trump on their upcoming single ‘Hung Out To Dry’. The single is set for release next week, but we’ve been given a bit of a teaser via The Project.

The new single is set to be released with a film clip that sees the Hoodoo Gurus dress up as Trump and… hang him out to dry.

Chatting to The Project, Hoodoo Gurus’ frontman, Dave Faulkner said, “It’s the exact opposite of a love song, in fact, it’s an I hate you song.”

“I love science and seeing the way that the current administration is so anti-science and the way they’ve handled COVID-19 has been a disgrace.”

“I just find it horrific what they’re going through,” he told the show.

It’s hard to know entirely what to expect from the film clip. But Marc Fennell details a moment in the clip where Trump leans in to share a kiss with Putin.

“It was a Thelma and Louise ending… and also let’s be honest we know he’s really up him,” says Faulkner on the political leaders’ relationship.

The new track ‘Hung Out To Dry’ was originally slated to be a B-side to last year’s single ‘Answered Prayers’ but the band decided the track stood as a single on its own. It’s due out Friday, 24th July.

Catch the interview in full below.

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