Hopsin Says Australia Hasn’t Banned Him, Calls Assault Case “Exaggerated Bullshit”

UPDATE 25/11/2017: Hopsin’s dropped a new song all about the time he got jailed in Australia

It’s been a whirlwind few days for US rapper Hopsin, and now he’s taken to social media to call label his assault charge “exaggerated bullshit” and reveal that he hasn’t been banned from Australia despite the charges laid against him.

ICYMI: Hopsin was jailed on Monday night in Sydney and posted on socials that he thought he might be banned from Australia all together.

Following that, news emerged that the hip hop artist had plead guilty to assaulting a woman, and was subsequently handed an AVO after copping a charge of common assault in a Sydney court.

Throughout the whole process Hopsin has maintained that the he’d constantly been sabotaged by the media and that the whole story wasn’t what was being reported, and now he’s posted to Instagram and Facebook to explain himself.

“I got a serious story to tell to world and I ain’t holding back,” wrist Hopsin. “The media will sabotage the perception of any celebrity just by a title.

“When ur in my position, the people you loved and trusted the most will be the same ones who stab u and bring u down to your knees with no remorse…which is why I am in this situation i’m in right now.”

Hopsin will also be channeling his story into new music. “I’ll be releasing a new song in a few days. I’m currently writing it on my flight back home to America.”

He went on to explain that despite the AVO handed to him, the judge described the charge leveled against him as ‘trivial.’

“So just to clear the air, I’m still allowed into Australia and have no criminal convictions,” he continued. “The judge read right through the over exaggerated bullshit being thrown at me and worded it as “trivial”. I’ve done harm to nobody. I’m good. P.S. A nigga be feeling fresh as fuck in these suits haha.”

Read Hopsin’s statement in full, below.

For those needing assistance, 1800 Respect – the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service – can be reached on 1800 737 732.

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