Hot Chip to Possibly Tour Australia 2012/2013

During an interview with In The Mix, Hot Chip member Alexis Taylor has revealed that the UK electro outfit hopes to be touring Australia by the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. The tour would be in support of Hot Chip’s upcoming fifth studio album In Our Heads, which is due out in June, 2012.

Faster Louder lifted from the interview some key quotes in which Taylor explains the band’s desire to return to Australia once In Our Heads has been released.

“We’re just looking at some options at the moment and we might come out at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year… It’s not confirmed, but we’re just looking at different options of different places and festivals to see if it’s feasible. Because Joe and Celia have another baby on the way, and in terms of being away with two young kids or being away from two young kids is doable, that’s what we’re trying to work out”, Taylor said.

“We love Australia, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the phone to someone from Australia. We’ve had a great time every time we’ve been over and it’s one of the best places, we get a really great response in Australia, it’s one of the bigger places to play. So it’s important for us to be out there, so we’ll do our best”, he said.

So far, Hot Chip has unveiled two singles in the lead-up to In Our Heads; let’s take a gander…

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