Hottest 100 20th Anniversary Results In, Hottest Year Revealed

The 20 Years Of triple j’s Hottest 100 Countdown is almost upon us with the fruits of the nation’s voting efforts being revealed this weekend over Saturday and Sunday. For those of you playing at home, triple j have released some mouth watering teasers, which revealed 1997 was the most popular year for songs.

Update: Hottest 100 ’20 Years’ Countdown list is here

First lets take a look at the astonishing voting stats. More than 940,000 people submitted their top 20 tracks from the last two decades, 200,000 of which were cast on the last day making it the biggest single-day of voting in Hottest 100 history. It may come as no surprise that the 20-25 year-old age bracket was the most active, which means the youth radio station is certainly doing something right.

Now to some of the juicier hints. According to triple j, amongst 1997’s solid haul, 30 of the songs that made it into the top 100 were from debut albums. The final teaser revealed that over the two decades 49 songs were from the 1990s (1993 – 1999) and 51 songs were from the 2000s (2000 – 2012) – no real giveaways there.

Tune into triple j from 12:00pm AEST on Saturday, 8th June to hear the countdown from #100 – 51 and again at 12:00pm AEST on Sunday, 9th June to hear #50 – 1.

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