House Vs. Hurricane Break-Up, Release Free Unreleased Farewell Track

It’s been a helluva ride for Melbourne post-hardcore legends House Vs. Hurricane but, after a groundbreaking EP and two albums, they have announced that they will be hanging up their leads and moving on to different things.

One of the most successful musical exports to come from the Australian scene, House Vs. Hurricane took their unique take on the genre all over the world on many occasions. 7 years into the game, the band figured out a way to sell dirt to ditchdiggers given that they broke not just the US market but also found traction in the UK. Today, the band has taken to Facebook to announce the split, adding that their previously announced shows will continue as scheduled.

It looks like these will be the last shows from the band, though they do add “We may look to do something later on as a final farewell” but nothing has been locked in so their tour with I Killed The Prom Queen and their slot at River Sessions festival could be your last chance to catch them live.

Over the years the band have experienced several line up changes. By the end of things, only two founding members remained – Ryan McLerie (vocals/guitar) and Chris Shaw (guitar).

Rather than just fading out into darkness, the band plan to release a few B-side tracks from their Crooked Teeth sessions, the first of which is available over at for free download, a swan song by the name of Tripping Up. More are expected to come.

You can read the full statement below and expect good things from each of the members in the future.

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“After nearly 7 years as a band we, House Vs Hurricane have decided it’s time for us to move on and call it day.

The five if us could have never imagined the amount of support we have received since our beginnings from our fans, friends, families, past members and and the amazing team that has been behind us the entire way.

We see this as an exciting step more than anything else, of course it’s sad but we have been given the opportunity to travel the world, record music, meet so many amazing people and share what we do with anyone who will listen, and for that we are so so grateful and humbled.

We have an Australian tour coming up later this month with I Killed The Prom Queen and Buried In Verona, as well as River Sessions festival in Mackay. These will be our last shows for the moment, but we may look to do something later on as a final farewell. For now, please come and see us on tour June 20-29 and lets have a blast.

Of course we will all continue to play music in some capacity so keep an eye out for that in the future but for now it is goodbye.

We have put up a couple of tracks for free that are B-Sides from Crooked Teeth as a parting gift to our awesome fans and supporters. Stay tuned for those shortly, we hope you enjoy them

Lovers, haters, people that don’t care, thanks for being a part of the journey, it’s been real!

Ryan, Dan, Chris, Dylan and Sam.”

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