How Good: Looks Like Harry Styles Is Launching His Own Unisex Makeup Line

Harry Styles knows what makes you beautiful, but that doesn’t mean he’s opposed to helping you accentuate it.

The internet is ablaze with talk the pop icon is about to add “makeup mogul” to his burgeoning CV, after he reportedly filed a new trademark for a “perfume and cosmetics” business dubbed “Pleased As Holdings”.

Adding fuel to the fire, Twitter-unearthed documentation from the UK’s Company Directory lists one Emma Spring, AKA Syles’ personal assistant and the mother of his godchild, as co-director of the new business.


That’s literally all the info we have thus far, but fans have been speculating hard about what the new perfume & cosmetics brand could look like.

As Haz has been busy of late casually redefining pop culture’s understanding of modern masculinity (much to the chagrin of conservative gum-flappers), unisex scents and gender-fluid makeup products are high up on the internet’s list of top predictions of what the ex-Directioner has in store.

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