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How Randy Blythe Made A Metal Lullaby In Melbourne With Sydonia’s Sam Haycroft

Lamb Of God‘s Randy Blythe is a big fan of Melbourne metal band Sydonia. So big, if fact, that he payed vocalist/guitarist Sam Haycroft a visit on the day of Lamb Of God’s Melbourne Sidewave.

The fruits of that visit can be seen below, in a video that shows the pair all frocked up inside a miniature big top, performing a…ahem…unique rendition of the beloved children’s classic, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The pair donned corpse paint, a skeleton costume, aviation goggles and a high-vis vest for the jam session — inside Haycroft’s daughter’s Wiggles tent — to perform the brutal nursery rhyme which they’ve entitled, Like A Needle In Your Eye.

Randy Blythe has apparently been rapt on Sydonia since he first heard their record played in a St. Kilda record store, and personally invited them to tour with Lamb Of God across Australia in 2007. And they’ve been BFFs ever since.

Haycroft, who also masterminds I Am Duckeye, tells Music Feeds he’s not quite sure how the whole thing came about, but kindly attempts to walk us through the events leading up to the creation of the cinematic masterpiece (which Blythe himself has already dubbed “a rager”).

“[Randy Blythe] wanders in to our house and makes a mess, leaving the curtain open in the shower cos he’s half blind, then slips out into the lounge room onto the bean bag insisting we make a web series between going for surfs.

“He’s pretty high maintenance. I mean we are one minute giggling at King Parrot videos, next minute making fairy bread for our photography expeditions here on Phillip Island.

“Between meals and gas-bagging to catch up on life’s adventures, I play my daughter, Isis, songs on the guitar. There’s a huge gap in the kids’ music genre that lends itself to our puerility so we intend to fill it with as much brutality as possible.

“Kids need to be able to release their inner demons via both death metal growls and farts. It’s important to their development.”

Young Isis was actually in the room at the time the footage was shot, so when you hear the Melbourne muso telling Blythe, “We can’t say ‘fuck’ in front of the K-I-D-S,” he probably means it.

“Oh, and we pulled [it] altogether in a few minutes cos spontaneous is best for gags,” Haycroft adds.

Haycroft has also hinted that Blythe may be providing some “sneaky backing vocals” on I Am Duckeye’s new album, for a song entitled Hot Nuts. The tune is about “the age old wisdom of not carrying your coffee between your lap whilst driving,” something which Haycroft says Blythe learned the hard way.

Check out the videos below.

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